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The Differences Between Market Indices Are Costing You

Not all stock market indices are created equal. Rarely has that fact been made more clear than in 2020.

Target Hits The Bullseye

Target crushed recent quarterly estimates and appears poised to benefit from an accelerated shift to digital commerce.

Amazon's Online Pharmacy

On November 17th, Amazon announced that they would begin offering a prescription drug delivery service.

Retail's Top Stocks: The Home Depot

The Home Depot has had an incredible 2020 - and it's only partially because of the ridiculously large skeleton decoration the home improvement chain rolled out this year.

Caterpillar Stock: Vaccine Upside

The heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar is in a prime position to see upside from a successful vaccine release.

Private Equity Giants: The Carlyle Group

In 2020, the amount of market activity generated by a group of organizations known as "Private Equity" firms is massive. The Carlyle Group is a mega-fund that pursues a multi-product approach to alternative investments.

The Doordash S-1: An IPO Delivery

On November 13th, Doordash released its public S-1 filing. Shockingly, the financial information in Doordash's filing even shows that the firm was able to turn a profit in the second quarter of 2020.