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Marijuana’s Pick-Axe and Shovel Investment

Marijuana investors are increasingly high on the prospect of a Biden/Harris administration.

Get Paid to Own Gold

No one ever expected gold to break the $2,000 barrier and then never see another down day. Even though gold is back in the high $1,800s, the reality is that the metal’s underlying fundamentals have not suddenly changed in the last few weeks.

CVS: Too Cheap to Pass Up

When life returns to some semblance of normal, delayed elective surgeries will be back on the schedule … and consumers will be walking the aisles of CVS to pick up their prescriptions and more

Commodities: Monkey In The Middle

Hard assets hold their value because in the worst possible scenario, someone always needs wheat, and someone else always needs adzuki beans and, thus, both commodities have a tangible value.

How To Profit from the Weakening Dollar

And so we begin the next chapter in the history of the U.S. dollar.


The problem today, just as it was two decades ago, is that newbies are buying the story and casting aside the fundamentals.

Déjà Vu For the Automotive Market?

The US auto fleet is now 12 years old on average, meaning cars and trucks demand even more replacements parts and repairs to keep on keeping on.