Candlestick charts have been around for a long time and were developed in Japan back in the 1700's.  They're meant to capture the emotion of investors by showing more than price.  

Here is a candlestick chart on EEON 🔥.

You can see that there are green and red bars with a line sticking out of each end. Candlestick charts use four data points (open, close, high, and low) to display the bars.  Get ready to become a 🕯stick expert.

Green bar = the close was higher than the open
Red bar = the close was lower than the open
Vertical Line = displays the range from low price to high price.
Stock candlestick chart

The candlestick charts allow you to see volatility based on the height of the vertical line.  You may also see a trend of green bars when the market is trending up or red when the market is headed down.    You should be all set to analyze the markets with candlestick charts and see the emotion that is captured in them.