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Articles about the market, sectors and industries, and how investors are evolving. Look here for the latest action on Robinhood, soaring tech stocks, Buffet's bets, and other meta-trends to inform your strategies and not get left behind.

Growth vs. Value Investing Part 1

Among the most enduring debates in the investing world is the conversation about growth vs. value investing. Investors on the growth side of the debate point to rapid rise of large technology companies..

Dems vs Repubs: Color Matters When It Comes to Investing

A long-standing myth holds that Republicans are the party of business and, thus, are the white-hat fellas who drive wealth higher on Wall Street. Democrats, the antithesis declares, are tax-happy, anti-business black-hats who destroy wealth on Wall Street.

EEON Fight Club: Square Vs. Paypal

Over the 4 year span from 2015 to 2019 we saw tremendous growth in the adoption of electronic payments, and with Covid-19 we can expect this adaption will only accelerate over the coming years.

What Stocks Should I Buy?

Investors have access to a lot of tools these days but finding great stocks to buy is still a challenge.  Many investors make decisions based on news stories or things their friends recommend.  The same names get thrown around so investors end up buying from a very short list of

Coronavirus vs. Stock Market

Try our COVID-19 Spread vs. Stock Market Index tracker. We're all in it together- do your part and stay inside.