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Articles about the market, sectors and industries, and how investors are evolving. Look here for the latest action on Robinhood, soaring tech stocks, Buffet's bets, and other meta-trends to inform your strategies and not get left behind.

What Is A SPAC, Exactly?

SPACs have gotten a tremendous amount of media attention in recent months, and as interest in them has grown, investment banks have revived or created SPAC teams to provide the relevant advisory to clients. But just what is a "SPAC"?

The Differences Between Market Indices Are Costing You

Not all stock market indices are created equal. Rarely has that fact been made more clear than in 2020.

Amazon's Online Pharmacy

On November 17th, Amazon announced that they would begin offering a prescription drug delivery service.

Chipotle's New Ghost Kitchen

Chipotle's initiative to focus more exclusively on digitally-enabled service models will likely further woo investors.

Lockdown Stocks and the Vaccine Blues

At the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, a new genre of hot stock was born: Lockdown Stocks. How will these companies perform post-coronavirus?

Uber, Lyft, and Lots of Losses

Over the last five to ten years, the “gig economy” has catalyzed significant structural changes in the way key consumer services are provided and demanded. It’s no secret that investors have taken notice.

Growth vs. Value Investing Part 1

Among the most enduring debates in the investing world is the conversation about growth vs. value investing. Investors on the growth side of the debate point to rapid rise of large technology companies..