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Wheaton Precious Metals: A Different Kind of Streaming

Shares in the company are up over 300% since mid-2016 as Wheaton continues to diversify its global operations and benefit from a recent uptrend in the value of gold and silver bullion.

Big Lots: A Value-Oriented Momentum Story

In the wake of the ongoing Covid crisis, Big Lots has proven that it’s something of a retailing superstar.

Starbucks: Losing Its Buzz?

Starbucks announced that it plans to close approximately 400 stores across the US and Canada over the next 18 months

Are Four Apples Better than One?

If you split an apple four ways, it might not keep the doctor away longer. But splitting an Apple four ways certainly has the potential to make your portfolio healthier.

Microsoft Wants to TikTok Like a Teenager.

Microsoft hauled in something north of $143 billion in revenue and net profits exceeding $44 billion, yielding profit margins of nearly 31%, among the very best you’ll find anywhere on the Street.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

With billions across the globe hunkered down to wait out the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of families are harkening to their grandmothers’ advice to put down the remote and pick up the broom.

Pfizer: The Safer Covid Play?

With profit margins exceeding 31%, return on assets at 9.5%, and ROE topping 24%, Pfizer’s one of the leaders of the pack in terms of profitability.