Create interesting charts and share with other investors on social media and investing sites.

Have you ever noticed a trend in the markets and wanted to share it with other investors?  Well now you can, with our completely free Chart Builder for stock charts, heatmaps and EEON Ratings.

Stock Charts

Use the stock chart builder to show the performance of a company or to compare multiple companies.  You can build a stock chart in seconds.  Here is Apple vs Microsoft over the last 6 months.


We love heatmaps at EEON.  They allow you to communicate a ton of information visually and are great at comparing things.  You can use heatmaps for comparing companies.  The heatmap functionality supports up to 16 companies or ETFs.

You can choose to display companies by percent change, price, market cap or revenue.  Pretty slick 😎.

EEON Stock Ratings

The final tool is EEON Stocks Ratings.  We've developed a stock rating system that analyzes companies based on important investment characteristics.  We know that it's often hard to make sense of financial statements and investment ratios.  

With EEON ratings, you can quickly see how a company rates relative to every other company in the markets on 6 important factors.  The system was developed by professional investors and is intended for all investment styles.  The top row focuses on growth factors and the bottom row is more value based.    

We think of this as Stock DNA.  Each company has a unique fingerprint.  Use EEON Ratings to find companies that match your investment strategy.

EEON Stock Ratings Components:

1) Growth - revenue growth & earnings growth.

2) Momentum - analyzes relative strength & moving averages.

3) Rule 40 - revenue growth + profit margin.

4) Value - price to sales, price to book, dividend yield & earnings yield.

5) Profitability - profit margin, return on assets & return on equity.

6) Safety - beta

That's the Chart Builder.  We hope you enjoy using it!  With EEON we're putting advanced tools in the hands of every investor, and we hope you'll join us on that journey.

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