We're a team of financial, tech, and design experts who were fed up with the research tools available to retail investors and the Robinhood generation.

So, we built the market research platform we always wanted. In doing so we focused on 3 main tenets:

Mobile First

Why would anyone build a tool that can't be used on your phone? I mean, come on.

Powerful & Affordable

For too long the big players of the market research world have kept their high-quality terminals behind thousand-dollar price tags.

That's cool if you can afford it, but sucks for the rest of us. So now, we're bringing that same data, alerts, watchlists, screeners, and news to mobile with a Free Forever plan.

Not Overwhelming

Have you ever looked at a financial terminal? Those things are crazy! If you're not a professional investor it could figuratively melt your face off.

As we continue building out new features in EEON our goal will always be to make advanced financial data digestible for everyone.

So what does this all look like?

KABLAM!! EEON Dashboard

Here's what our app can offer you (even on our free plan):

  • 1 minute delayed intraday prices on 3 major indices
  • Market health overview
  • Custom watchlists (you pick the securities)
  • Custom screeners (filter securities with our advanced filters)
  • Latest news
  • Real-time price alerts
  • Proprietary stock rating system to automatically compare growth, value, safety, momentum, and profitability across 1500+ securities
  • Upcoming earnings, dividends, and stock splits
  • ...and a whole bunch of other cool information

We also built a bunch of free tools on our website. Check 'em out:

Coronavirus-Market Correlator

We thought it would be interesting to see how COVID-19 outbreaks correlated with the major US market indices. So we built it and made it free for everyone.

Totally Free Chart Builder

We always see people posting their own custom stock charts on social media and investing forums. So we built a completely free way for you to create and export your own charts. You're welcome 😉.

So, that covers the app and the website. As for this blog, you can expect daily updates on the state of the market, specific companies we're watching, and other tidbits we find interesting.

If you made it this far, we so appreciate you taking the time to read this. With EEON we're trying to put advanced tools in the hands of every investor, and we hope you'll join us on that journey.

Learn more at eeon.com.